Membership Plan

You start with a free trial.
We don’t collect payment until you’ve determined TES is right for you.


6 month / 12 month option.

Subscriptions to the TES system options are available to Clubs on a 6 month or 12 month term.

For example, a club with a membership of greater than 300 but fewer than 500 Players will typically expect a monthly fee of $500.

The actual subscription cost will vary depending on the size of the Club.

An initial TES Trial period is 10 days, after which, a Club can become a system member and subscribe to either the 6 or 12 month agreement. Each Club will receive a Member Authorization Code (MAC) to be distributed to all its Players and Coaches.

Note: The TES system recommends that Coaches are compensated for 1 hour per team per week, when their team is subscribed and using the platform.

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Become a member of TES  today.

It’s a simple, powerful, educational tool that benefits all the stakeholders in one simple App.

Parents, Players, Coaches & Clubs will finally have the missing link to a meaningful, insighful and progressive platform.

This is a system designed for you, by one of you.

There are no expensive Professional level hardware/software packages, vests or unnecessary ‘technology’ gadgets.