Dan: parent
I sat down with my son this morning and discussed the TES system, essentially he felt that having a highlight on the positive AND negative side of his individual game performance was very useful. Specifically as it is on a game by game basis, therefore he could be far more targeted on improving. Having the detail from a game evaluation, rather than simply going home after a game and trying to make up his own judgment was also something he felt was more supported by his coach. He also compared his previous games to see if what he was working on actually came through into his game, very useful. He did also say that knowing he would be receiving an evaluation did focus him before every game.

Natalia: parent

My main point is that as a parent (with no real footballing knowledge) I now feel I can support my son and build on the feedback he is provided by the coach. The conversation we can have after the match and before the next one, is positive and constructive, so I feel that I could play a part in my sons development. Even if I know some of the talking points from his evaluations, I know more about what he needs to work on and he now knows what he’s doing. I guess most kids are ‘coached’ in some way by their parents but most parents are football spectators rather than coaches. With this tool, we both feel that we can actually contribute, in a really constructive way.

Brooks: player
I really appreciate the way this feedback works, because sometimes when I'm playing I don't realize what I'm doing best or worst. the best feedback I remember were the categories in which I was surprised by high/low because as a player you don't always see/feel the same. I felt like with the info I was more easily aware of what I needed to work on/improve for the next game. this is different because before the TES score I would wait maybe 3 or 4 months before an evaluation from a coach. It's a great idea and I think any dedicated (and smart) coaches would love to inform their players in what they can do better. It's also cool because as a player it's hard to approach your coach and simply ask "what can I work on," but with the app there are already key categories and important information laid out.

It was also fun because we turned it into a competition during one tournament as a bit of a little competitive game, but honestly everybody actually tried to improve their low scores.

I agree. If you take this idea far enough and develop the app, I think it can be used at all levels and hopefully, in different sports.

Matthew: player
"It's great to get immediate feedback because it's fresh in my mind—what I did well and what I can improve on."

Nina: parent
The app is the perfect tool for players on the field—immediate feedback lets them know how they are playing relative to their own strengths and weaknesses as well as how they are measuring up to their opponent.

Our son feels a strong connection to his coach as he receives encouragement and constructive criticism in a consistent and predictable format; he is motivated to improve for the next set of data!

Vince: parent
I love the idea.  Receiving feedback as close to real time as possible is ideal.  Being told at the end of the season ‘an area you should focus on’ doesn’t help anyone if they could’ve and should’ve been told during the season.  When I played many moons ago we never received any feedback. This would’ve been awesome even though the reality would’ve been difficult to hear because in my head I was a combo of Zico and Platini.  Rather than trying to figure out by myself what areas needed some attention, I’d have a quick and dirty cheat sheet. You could track your improvement over time when you saw areas ‘ripe for improvement’ and focused on them.  It could also make potentially difficult conversations between coaches and players a little easier to have because you would have a history of scores to balance the highs and lows players go through over the course of a season. The numbering system works well.

Aliya: player
I think that the app is a great idea and getting immediate feedback is super helpful because you can still remember details of the game that you may not remember several months later. Also, having an explanation of the aspects included in each criteria and the meaning of each score (above average, below average, etc.), receiving feedback in numbers is easy to understand. The feedback is useful in knowing what parts of the game to focus a little more on when practicing both during team practice and self training. Also, with ‘info’ button explanations about what is included in each category,  the criteria are easy to understand and they cover the most important aspects of play. All in all, the app is very helpful and easy to understand.

Annon: player
I think that getting feedback after each game is very helpful.

Annon: player
The rubric is extremely helpful in defining the components that we should be thinking about on how to improve as players. I was unaware of how many things make up a complete player.

Annon: player:
Yes very helpful

Annon: player: regular and targeted feedback more often is better, also given number of criteria and the frequency of evaluations, it is good because I can know what to speak to the coach about, and I can establish my clear short term goals for improvement. For example this month I want to improve my first touch and endurance.

Alex: parent  
As a parent I loved it, and as a player, Joshua benefited from it.  This immediate, analytical feedback is really valuable.

Suggestion: While keeping the player’s names confidential... It would have been insightful to see how everybody did in each category and overall... that way a 6.7 (or any other score) overall or in an individual category would give much more context.... Also, if possible, there could occasionally be specific comments in addition to the number.

Overall Value of the Information? — High Value, much needed.

Motivating/Inspirational for a player? — Motivational: he always checked his ratings and was either proud or challenged by the results.

Speed & Ease of Using the System? — Easy to use

Specific criteria and rating was simple to understand? — Yes, Pretty easy... and the ‘info’ pop ups help to clarify everything.

Opposition Eval provided valuable context? — Yes

Appreciated the Coach feedback? — YES!!!!

How/If this appeared to help your child? — Yes...where he saw low ratings, he wanted to improve...

Player Ratings & Opposition Eval create context for conversation? — YES. Very helpful in a parent/player relationship.

Benefits of feedback from each game as opposed to once at the end of year? — YES!!! No comparison. Why put off what you can solve now.

Psychological benefits; Coach/Player/Parent communication and expectations surrounding performance was always clear? — YES. Transparent and clearly identify topics for conversation.

Matthew: player
I really like the app and here's my feedback:

Overall value of the info: I like the fact that I get to compare what I think of myself and what the coach thinks. To see if I under or over rate myself.  I also like to see what I need to improve on.

Motivating: It motivates me to work harder and get a better rating every game. It motivates me to be a better player and get the lower ratings to go up.

Ease of system: The system is very easy to use. It is simple and effective.

Simple to understand: Everything is pretty simple to understand. I just didn’t understand mobility. I thought it meant "getting around the pitch more". But the info pop ups are really useful and help figure things out quickly.

Opposition Eval: Also, I think it is cool that I get to see what my coach thinks our team compared with the opposition in the same criteria.

Coach feedback: I really like this app and I hope we get to use it all next season. I love that I get to see my strengths and weaknesses so I can improve faster.

Harvey: parent

Overall I think it has been very useful for my son to get this breakdown of a game within a day or two, while it is still fresh in his mind and it has helped him focus on the parts that the coach evaluated lower. He likes the constant challenge and motivation it presents. I was surprised how it is easy to use and pretty quick to do.

Coach - Michael Sharp - Marin FC USDA Head Coach (US Soccer A License, Scottish FA),

“Young players need timely, consistent and standardized feedback in order to improve. The TES app not only provides a coach with an opportunity to do this efficiently, but it also allows the players to self evaluate and this is a skill that will serve the young players well throughout their soccer and professional careers.”