About Us

TES was founded in 2017 to help soccer/football clubs, coaches, players, and parents, learn and improve. It has since taken us two years to roll out the first iOS app version. While based in San Francisco, TES draws on its network of experienced football minds from countries throughout the youth and professional soccer world.

It is a system dedicated to:

  • Assisting every coach with their goal to become a better teacher, to communicate the finer points & nuances with their players, to improve the outcome for individual players and teams, and to better (more productively) involve players’ parents in the process.

  • Assisting every player on the team, providing a proven method to develop their maximum potential, to improve communication with their coach and to share a better understanding of the game with their parents.

  • Assisting parents with a better way to be supportive of their own child's experience, development and enjoyment.

CHANGE - Yes, it is time for a change. We absolutely can improve the way we teach. Of course technology can help us, but it is ‘HOW’ we employ it that matters most. Youth soccer deserves a better technology partner. Communicate high value game changing data and insight from your coach in only minutes, and use that information over time to help define the players individual pathway.

TES is a groundbreaking evaluation system for players, parents, coaches and teams. It is the best assistant any youth coach could have. Although we may not have solved all the problems in youth sports, we can honestly say that we have researched long and hard, consulting with players, parents and coaches all over the world, to design this unique system. We believe TES provides us with several crucial components that go a very long way to significantly improving the youth soccer team environment, for everyone.